Arthos Consulting

Arthos Consulting (affiliate of Arthos Sdn. Bhd. est 2012) was established to provide specialized consultancy services focusing on government relations, stakeholder management and mobilization, capacity building and regulatory environment evolution management.

Elevating Standards
Through Building

As governments are moving to further regulate consumer industries (F&B, FMCG, ICT, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Products and tobacco) we recognize the challenges which will impact businesses. As such, it is critical for businesses to advocate their business positions in light of ever-changing regulatory environment. Arthos is able to ensure your voice is heard by the relevant policy drivers and decision makers.

What we do

Having sound knowledge of the regulatory environment and the decision making process in federal and state governments and strong engagement with various stakeholders, we add value to our clients by being effective intermediaries for them to meet their business targets. We offer a broad range of services to serve your needs

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Regulatory Management
and Consultancy

This covers pre and post promulgation of law and regulations affecting your company and business

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Stakeholder Opinion

We offer to answer questions that may potentially impact your business. For instance, we conduct research that can gauge the opinion of your stakeholders which will in turn be used as platform for your lobbying campaign to influence key/targeted policy makers on specific issue or business concerns. We are able to conduct research from simple (involving opinion, questionnaires and surveys) to more complex research that uses econometrics methods. We also offer you the possibility for us to design a research project that tailors to your needs.


Corporate and Social Responsibility
(CSR) Targeting

We ensure that your CSR programs would be better leveraged and deliver the desired outcome. We strive for maximization of stakeholder’s interest by targeting CSR programs; which cater to the needs of your stakeholders at the same time ensuring that your programs remain relevant in the current environment. (B-2-NGO)


One stop Government Relations
out source for the following

a)Issue-based advocacy,
b) Stakeholder identification/mapping, engagement and mobilization,
c) Crisis management/ Political impact assessment,
d) The use of polling and consumer insights to direct policy/ strategy,
e) Political outreach; identifying, educating and implementing strategies for political stakeholders,
f) Tax engagements
g) Planning strategies for earned media and
h) Public relations/Government affairs management.

Our beliefs


You should be able to effectively communicate your concerns
and positions to policy makers and regulators

through targeted engagements


You should have the best possible outcome of having your
opinions reflected in policy and legislation

through networking and engagements


Adherence to International
Compliance Regulations

The outlining principle for our business is compliance with all Malaysian Laws and extra jurisdictional laws such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) 1977 and the UK Bribery Act 2010.


One Industry,
One Client Policy

In industries where trademark and copyright issues are sensitive, we protect the interest of our clients by only serving only one client within a particular industry. Therefore, we are accustomed to having confidentiality agreements being signed as part of our commitment to you

Our clients

Currently we serve Multinational Companies and Government Owned/ Government Linked Companies and companies which are doing business with the Government. Contact us to know more about our success stories.

We will contact you as soon
as possible within 24 hours